• We will consider client’s inquiry received / forwarded inquiry, when we received the completed Wedding / Event Check List form, with / without supporting references
  • We will forward related initial Wedding / Event proposal, at the latest 2 working days, after received, with / without decoration and furniture rental quote / breakdown
  • Related proposal for client’s wanted Wedding / Event, include 1x revision. Only after 2nd updated draft Wedding / Event proposal, we will give 7 days for clients, to review all, carefully and accordingly. On that due date, we will need client’s email confirmation, whether to proceed through / cancel our offered proposal. Any request of additional revision of the proposal can only be honoured, after confirmation is given by clients
  • Wedding / Event proposal which will be confirmed prior to issued date of the Deposit Invoice, later on will have more changes throughout the Wedding / Event planning progress. The updates, will be as per client’s requirements. However the very last / final changes to it, will need to be completely one by us, 50 days prior to Wedding / Event date, and it should then be called as final Wedding / Event package
  • For On The Day Reservation
    • -Required service inquiry needs to be IN, at the latest 60 days prior to Wedding / Event date, and not less
    • -We will forward related initial Event proposal, which will contain our coordination fee only. And we will give 7 days for clients, to revert to us with email confirmation, whether to proceed through / cancel our offered proposal


  • XtraOrdinary Events & Villas shall conduct maximum 2 times meeting session with clients, with free of charge consultation fee
  • Client’s required first / initial meeting is free of charge, and can be arranged by appointment only (at the latest 3 working days prior to wanted date), which we recommend to take place at XtraOrdinary Events & Villas’ office to avoid transportation fee, with maximum 4 hours duration
  • Site inspection / site visit to decided / confirmed venues, decoration mock up, food / cake tasting, can also be arranged by appointment, with additional transportation fee*

*) For reference of related fee, please see details on FEE & SETTLEMENT section


  • By reading and understanding this information to reserve any of our Wedding / Event services:
    • -Complete Reservation
    • -Without Villa / Venue Reservation
    • -On The Day Reservation
  • Kindly note that we may documented your Wedding / Event on photo / video. Related documentation will have our copyrights, in which we will use for our internal / public purposes, and in appropriate manner without any prior notification


  • Request on any changes / cancellation made to this agreement, must be forwarded in writing / per email. In order for us to make revision, which needs to be signed by both parties
  • In the event the clients are forced to change the date of the Wedding / Event, every effort will be made by XtraOrdinary Events & Villas
  • If the clients change the date / location of the Wedding / Event, and XtraOrdinary Events & Villas is unavailable to provide agreed services, furthermore XtraOrdinary Events & Villas shall be released from all previous signed agreement and will not be held responsible or not liable to perform
  • In the event of cancellation, refund is limited and refers to following points :
    • -Deposits are non-refundable
    • -Cancellation for villa / venue, must be forwarded to XtraOrdinary Events & Villas, per email / in writing. Cancellation of venue / villa hire, will refer to applied Villa’s / Villa Management Company’s / Venue’s / Venue Management’s Booking Policy (if Villa / Venue – reserved through XtraOrdinary Events & Villas)
    • -Cancellation made within 6 months prior to Wedding / Event date, there will be 100% of cancellation charge of total coordination fee
    • -Cancellation made within 9 months prior to Wedding / Event date, there will be 40% cancellation charge of total coordination fee
    • -Cancellation made within 12 months prior to Wedding / Event date, there will be 15% cancellation charge of total coordination fee



A large group of people visiting the villa / venue, using the facilities, put a degree of stress on both the villa / venue itself as well at its staff; this is during the preparation for, the hosting of, and the clean-up from any given event. It should be noted that some of the income from the function fee is awarded to directly to the staff, and the balance goes to the owner of the villa / venue who constantly pays out maintenance costs to keep the villa / venue in top condition and provide a venue at which clients are proud to host their friends and family.

Thus clients hosting functions at any given villa / venue are requested to pay a function fee. We trust the above logic and rationality is clear, and we hope that you will choose to use the villa to entertain your outside guests.

BANJAR (local village council) FEE

The legal license of the villa is for accommodation purposes only and if the villa is being used for other purposes (such as wedding function, cocktail party, which is related with any large congregation of people at the villa); we have to report it to the Banjar to alert Banjar authority there will be a function at the villa.

Please also note that 70% of the villa staff are from the nearest Banjar so the villager will know that there is a function at the villa; By paying the Banjar fee they will also be responsible to get permit from our neighborhoods and involve with the safety issues during the function at the surrounded area. Beside that, the Banjar is also responsible to report to the local police authority, for all villas activity in their area.

It is the same condition with Venue. Related Banjar fee is also required, as it will provide you with a permit, for your Function.


Security deposit funds, needs to be settled. It is required to be settled by you as function’s host. If there is no breakage / damage / loss to any villa or venue’s facilities due to your held function, then your settled security deposit will be refunded. It should be refunded at the earliest after your function / at check out date (depends on the property). And at the latest, it should be refunded 10 days after the function. If you will still be in Bali at that time, we will meet you to settle back the funds. If you will no longer be in Bali at that time, we will need to transfer the funds back to you via bank transfer, with deduction of bank charges.

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