• Give clients, recommendation and information, based on facts
  • Arrange and conduct with clients, site inspection / site visit to client’s decided / confirmed venue
  • Consultation session with clients, and direct them with priorities to consider for Event planning : catering, decoration, documentation (photography / videography), entertainment, then followed with others
  • Recommend liable vendors for your Event. And shall they be reserved through XO Events & Villas, we will ensure client’s requirements are delivered accordingly by their standard services. However we cannot be responsible for vendors which may not be reserved through XtraOrdinary Events & Villas
  • Arrange and conduct with clients, decoration mock up, food / cake tasting, followed by meeting with other recommended vendors (when necessary)
  • Email correspondence takes place directly with clients, in planning the Event, and be the bridge communicator to vendors, as well as the other way around
  • Arrange and conduct progress meeting, with clients
  • Constantly prompt clients, on dead line of every Event requirements
  • Arrange and conduct final meeting with clients on all confirmed details, with / without all / selected vendors (if required)
  • XtraOrdinary Events & Villas team leader, arrange and conduct final meeting with the team, at the very latest 2 days prior to Event Day (after the final meeting with clients)
  • Ensure all which are needed to be in placed prior to Event date, followed up accordingly
  • Remind vendors (reserved by XtraOrdinary Events & Villas and / or clients) on ordered items and related Event day’s timeline, per email and through phone call, at the latest a day before Event Day


  • XtraOrdinary Events & Villas team to go on a tour around the venue, lead / directed by Event Team Leader
  • Re-brief XtraOrdinary Events & Villas team accordingly, on run down and extra details (if any), at the venue
  • Afterwards, remind related vendors, on ordered items and related timeline
  • Ensure all client's ordered items and given details forwarded to vendors; noted, understood, followed, and in placed, by appointed completion timeline
  • XtraOrdinary Events & Villas team prepare and assist (when necessary) on all required, with vendors
  • Closely monitor on all, and also on vendor’s preparations / progresses
  • Ensure that vendors operate accordingly by following Event organizer’s guidelines and villa / venue’s regulations
  • Run the Event smoothly as per client’s requirements, by using confirmed final run down as Event’s guidance
  • Monitor the operations from the starting to ending time of the Event
  • Ensure that vendors install and uninstall all, carefully and accordingly, and make no breakage / damage / loss


  • Report any outstanding (if any) in relation with Event, to clients
  • Report if there is any breakage / damage / loss (when necessary), to clients
  • Continuously remind and prompt clients, to finalize their taken documentation package (photography / videography) and that all must be done as per vendor’s given guidance and timeline
  • Source shipping quote for final result of documentation (photography / videography), and forward related details to clients, for approval / confirmation
  • Once shipment’s quote has been confirmed, clients need to make immediate settlement in order for us to further assist process the shipping of final documentation (photography / videography), to clients
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