XO is the brand name of our company, which is legally established under PT. Naya Catra Adamar. XO itself is the abbreviation of the word XtraOrdinary. Referring to the word – XtraOrdinary, we aim to always cater your satisfaction, with our services.

We are your reliable long – distant Event / Wedding Planner and Organizer in Bali, for any private occasions you may have in mind. We are here to extend our assistance, for any occasions that you are thinking to commemorate and celebrate with family and friends, in the beautiful island of Bali.

We focus on your requirements by closely communicating with you in sharing our ideas and creativities, pay high attention on every details, and sprinkles them all with our personal touch in all that needs to be done. Internally we work together and hand in hand as a solid team, in order to meet final result, that goes beyond the XtraOrdinary. That automatically set and states, where we stand among others, as we provide a level of service and commitment, which you will soon come to appreciate.

Bali is magical so they say, which is so true. It used to be generally known, for its genuine beauty of the people and landscape. As time goes by, touch of modernity has entered and influences in many ways. All, merged so well with one another, which makes Bali more unique. This also makes Bali much more alive, and invites you to always come back.

Private villas have scattered all over Bali, and offer various scenery. Cliff fronts, beach fronts, garden surrounding, jungle surrounding, and river side, are the most favourite to experience. These are also the places we are recommending, as venue of your private occasions. It goes with over the top services, you could not imagine.

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