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Singaraja – In the former colonial capital of Bali, the old market town of Singaraja in Bali’s most northern district Buleleng, you will find a unique lontar library named “Gedong Kirtya”. This library annex museum collects, copies and preserves thousands of so called lontar (palm leaf manuscripts), prasati (transcriptions on metal plates) and books which deal with various aspects of human life, such as religion, architecture, philosophy, genealogy, homeopathy, usada (medical manuscripts), black magic, and so on, in the Balinese, Kawi (old Javanese) and the Dutch, English and German language.

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Singaraja – The Royal Palace Singaraja, which is also often referred to as the Puri Agung or Puri Gede, was built by Raja Ki Gusti Anglurah Pandji Sakti on March 30th, 1604.
With the establishment of the Puri Gede Buleleng (Royal Palace Singaraja), the beginning of the Kingdom of Buleleng had been marked. Historically Pandji Sakti once ruled from Java to Timor Indonesia.

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The mountain village of Trunyan can be found at the foot of Mt. Abang, at a remote and isolated location on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. The Trunyanese are often referred to as Bali Aga (mountain Balinese), which refers to a conservative, pre-Hindu way of life with ancient, neolithic customs and a very definite avoidance of outside influences.

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Have you ever stepped into another country and go, wow – it’s completely a whole new world?
It unsettles you – the way the locals eat, behave and even the the way they stare at you. It’s just so….different.
And so is Bali.

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Bali may be a lovely resort destination with the sun, sea and beautiful villas, but it’s also a place with unique culture and tradition.
And of course, with tradition comes many myths and legends that are passed on to generation to generation, and you may even have heard of some of them!
But what you may be curious to know is, is there actually some truth behind these myths?
Well, we’re here to tell you (and also debunk) some common Balinese misconceptions (or myths). Things are not always what they appear to be!


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